Jessica Linick, Ph.D., SEP

Licensed Clinical Psychologist located in Midtown & SoHo, New York, NY


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Jessica Linick, Ph.D., SEP

Dr. Jessica Linick, Ph.D., SEP, of Thriving Mind Psychology, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who received her doctoral training from the Teachers College, at Colombia University. She has had the privilege of being trained in multiple evidence-based therapeutic modalities (e.g., Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Trauma Affect Regulation: Guide for Education & Therapy (TARGET)), but has particular expertise in the use of mindful, holistic, and somatic healing methods. Dr. Linick specializes in the treatment of trauma and other chronic stress disorders, and much of her work is informed by a gentle, resiliency-based model called Somatic Experiencing®, which aims to help individuals resolve trauma and find regulation at a nervous system level. Dr. Linick is an authority in her field and frequently writes and presents on topics of trauma and trauma-informed care. She welcomes clients struggling with issues related to trauma, depression, grief, and bereavement, or family-related concerns, as well those working with issues related to intersecting identities.

Dr. Linick understands many people in New York City have an immense pressure on what they “do," whether it be in relation to careers, families, or hobbies, and at Thriving Mind, she is happy to offer a compassionate place for her clients to reconnect with themselves and just “be.” Although the reasons why one may initially enter treatment are vast, Dr. Linick views therapy first and foremost as a way to begin to be curious about ourselves; to find a place of safety, connectedness, and support in a city that is usually anything but.

Dr. Linick welcomes new and existing patients to Thriving Mind Psychology. Call the office or use the online scheduler to book your appointment today.