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Nearly half of Americans report that their stress levels are on the rise in the past five years. Because stress impacts your overall health, the dedicated team at Thriving Mind Psychology in Midtown Manhattan and Soho provides comprehensive stress management in a welcoming environment. Learn more by booking an appointment online today or calling to speak with a team member.

Stress Q & A

What is stress?

It’s entirely normal to feel stress from time to time. Stress is your body’s natural response to any sort of demand or change.  

Starting a new job, welcoming a new baby, and taking an exam are just some of the common stressful events men and women experience. Some stress is even good and keeps you motivated, as with stress during a workout.

But stress shouldn’t last for weeks or months on end. If stress is starting to change the way you think and act to the point where your job and family life are affected, it is time to seek help. 

Do I need to see a doctor for stress?

The highly skilled mental health professionals at Thriving Mind Psychology encourage you to come in for an evaluation if stress takes over your life. It’s important to seek medical attention for stress if:

  • You feel irritable, have mood swings, or can’t concentrate
  • You’re starting to have frequent headaches
  • You’re binge eating or skipping meals
  • You’re gaining or losing weight
  • You can’t fall or stay asleep
  • You’re sleeping too much
  • You have chronic fatigue

If left untreated, stress can start impacting your health and increasing your risk of coronary artery disease, depression, weight gain, and other serious ailments. 

How is stress treated?

Treating stress involves finding the right combination of therapies to help you overcome stressors in an effort to restore your quality of life. Your provider at Thriving Mind Psychology may recommend:

  • Regulating your sleep schedule, even on the weekends
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Psychotherapy (talk therapy)
  • Couples therapy
  • Exercise 
  • Neurofeedback (electroencephalographic or EEG biofeedback)

You may benefit from medications, too. For instance, if you also struggle with depression, your practitioner at Thriving Mind Psychology could recommend antidepressants to help stabilize brain chemicals and improve your mental well-being. 

Overcoming stress takes time and dedication to your treatment plan. But the caring team at Thriving Mind Psychology is available to help you for as long as you need.

If you’re experiencing stress, the compassionate team at Thriving Mind Psychology can help. Schedule your stress evaluation online or call the clinic directly to book an appointment.